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FLIR Systems Melbourne

Forward-looking infrared (FLIR) systems, monitor infrared radiation and produce thermal imaging. We partner with the industry’s best manufacturers and suppliers of FLIR systems in Melbourne, to bring our commercial and industrial clients the solutions that they require.

Help Your Business with FLIR Thermal Cameras

Flir Systems Melbourne

If you would like to talk to the ALCHIMIE Electrical team about the FLIR thermal cameras that can help you in your business, then simply give us a call today. You might decide that a FLIR thermal camera would be an invaluable device to add to your workplace toolkit. Or you may simply require the thermal imaging services of the ALCHIMIE Electrical team to perform scheduled maintenance checks for your equipment.

FLIR thermal moisture meters can detect unseen moisture damage, while thermal imaging services can also be used to detect the hot spots that may point to a dangerous fault in electrical equipment or wiring systems.

You can also make use of FLIR thermal cameras to test the efficiency of the HVAC and other climate control measures in your commercial building. Detect energy loss through insulation defects, or excessive energy consumption, and plan for the energy efficient systems and safeguards that will save your business money.    

FLIR Systems for Industrial Applications in Melbourne

With a range of FLIR systems for Melbourne industries, the ALCHIMIE Electrical team can set you up with the monitoring and diagnostic solutions that you need.

Monitoring both high and low voltage installations, compressors, turbines, and other electrical and mechanical equipment can help you to identify potential faults before they lead to unsafe conditions or systems failures.   

Scan pumps, storage tanks, motors, and process valves, to ensure that everything is running efficiently and safely. Thermal cameras can detect the hot spots that could be the site of a future meltdown or fire, or an indication of friction and resistance that will cause your system to run less efficiently over time. 

Check for the gas leaks that are invisible to the naked eye. With a FLIR thermal camera you can keep your systems in operation while these maintenance checks are performed. And you will only need to shut down if a leak is detected, not for the testing process itself.

Get FLIR Thermal Cameras Supplied and Installed by Alchimie Electrical

If you would like to explore the benefits of FLIR thermal cameras further, then simply contact the ALCHIMIE Electrical team for a quote, or to ask the advice of one of our licenced A-Grade electricians.