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Redback Intelligent Solar Hybrid Energy Generation & Storage System

The energy produced by the solar array is automatically directed to the battery, utility grid, and/or the AC loads depending on operating conditions for the highest performance and best economic return. The system’s goal is to maximize the use of the solar energy while minimizing the amount of energy consumed from the utility grid, while also ensure that power is available 24 hours a day in the event of a power outage.

Hybrid Energy

The Smart Hybrid includes all of the following functions, components, and features in an easy-to-install single product.


  • High efficiency grid-tie utility interactive inverter
  • Utility grid energy metering system
  • Powerful back-up inverter for AC loads
  • Utility powered battery charger
  • Solar array Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)
  • Solar array charge control
  • Solar array ground fault and insulation monitoring protection
  • Programmable smart hybrid system controller
  • Performance monitoring with WiFi and Web interface


  • Utility grid overcurrent protection and disconnect
  • Battery overcurrent protection and disconnect
  • Individual solar array disconnects
  • AC back-up loads overcurrent protection and disconnect
  • AC back-up loads residual current disconnect
  • AC back-up loads manual bypass switch
  • Outdoor, weatherproof enclosure (IP65)

Back-Up AC Loads

The Smart Hybrid is capable of providing up to 4600 watts of continuous AC power for AC loads which are connected to the Back-up Loads AC Output connections. The system can provide a maximum of 6900 watts of AC power for up to 10 seconds in order to start loads which require higher amount of power initially. The output of the inverter is reduced if the ambient temperature exceeds 45°C and the system will shut off if the ambient temperature exceeds 60°C.

Inverter Operating Modes

The Smart Hybrid system automatically switches operating modes depending on the amount of solar energy produced, AC loads operating, utility grid presence, time of day, and the state-of-charge of the battery. There are six operating modes:


The Smart Hybrid is able to use the solar array’s energy production to reduce the amount of energy that AC loads are consuming from the utility grid. This occurs when the solar array is producing less energy than what the AC loads that are consuming.


The Smart Hybrid is able to “sell” excess power produced back to the utility grid – spinning the meter backwards where “net metering” is allowed. This occurs when the solar array is producing more energy than the AC loads that are consuming. This ability to sell power back to the utility grid can be enabled/disabled in the settings menu.


The Smart Hybrid is able to charge the battery from either the solar array or from the utility grid. The Smart Hybrid always prioritizes the solar production first to power AC loads and then uses the excess solar production to recharge the battery. If there is more solar array energy being produced than can be accepted by the battery and the AC loads, the energy will flow into the utility grid (if allowed).


The Smart Hybrid is able to use the battery to limit the amount of energy consumed by the AC loads from the utility grid. If the AC loads exceed the power capability of the battery, utility power can be added to the battery’s output to meet the AC loads requirements.


The Smart Hybrid continues to power the AC loads which are connected to the back-up AC loads output when a utility grid outage occurs. The AC loads can be powered from the solar array and/or from the battery.


The Smart Hybrid automatically reduce its energy consumption at night when solar power is not available and the battery is not being used. This minimizes energy consumption and maximizes the overall system performance. While the Smart Hybrid is silent the utility grid powers all of the AC loads.

Learn more at: http://www.redbacktech.com/

Coupled with Scalable Pylontech  2.4kW/h 3RU size modules  19Inch Rack Style Lithium Batteries with 80% Depth of Discharge anything is possible with your system configuration.

Free WiFi & Wi-Fi Monitring via the App Store Redback App.

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