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Solar Systems Preventative Maintenance

In order to maintain you system in peak performance, to ensure you maximise the energy generation of your investment as well as maintain the condition & safety of your Solar Generation System, ALCHIMIE Electrical Pty. Ltd. recommends a maintenance program is performed every 12 months and in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Standards.

Solarpanel fittings

ALCHIMIE Electrical Pty. Ltd. can perform a visual & detailed inspections of the entire Solar Generation System installation. This includes, however is not limited to the following:

Removing covers of Isolators & Junction Boxes,

Checking condition of seals and enclosures for ingress of moisture,

Electrical Switchboard Inspection and Check & Tension ALL Electrical Connections

Re-tensioning to appropriate torque electrical connections effected by the changing seasonal climate heating & cooling creating loose electrical connections that may lead to fire or system failure,

Cleaning Panels to enhance performance and prevent hot spots from damaging a cell, module or system complete caused by soiling and pollution,

We check the solar installation for changed environment including shading from trees that have grow, new building projects that may cause shading and potential damage.

ALL our Service & Maintenance is documented with detail checks and objective evidence provided to the end user and installation records. Ask ALCHIMIE Electrical about a customised maintenance program to meet the needs of your solar installation requirements throughout it’s life.

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