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Data & Communications

We can perform any task from fault finding your existing cabling & sockets, installing an extra phone or computer point in your home and home office, workplace, office or warehouse to a complete fit out for data, security, phones and TV.

  • Category 5e & 6 Data Cabling
  • Computer Networking
  • Telephone Cabling & Points
  • Structured Cabling Installation & Termination
  • Emergency Repairs & Fault Finding
  • Data Racks & Patch Panels
  • Coaxial Fabling Installation & Termination
  • Telephone & Communications Systems
  • Home Office & Work Stations Set-up
  • Smart Wiring
Data Communication

A smart advantage to having Achimie – Electrical Electrical’s fully qualified electricians & networking technicians supply and install all your data / communication systems is that they have the expertise to design and install your structured cabling system & install any power requirements you may have while they are on site.

Wifi infrastructure up-grades to facilitate increased coverage, speed, performance, security, reporting & robustness increased productivity throughout premisis for work from home requirements and business requirements

As a result of increasing demands of data communications improvements traffics and performance as a result of COVID-19 and other reasons, many industries need an up-grade their Wifi Infrastructure to facilitate increased coverage, speed, performance, security, reporting & robustness for increased productivity throughout premises for Work from Home requirements In addition to this is s consideration to New Proposed & Progressive Smart Wifi Home Automation Integration Smart Home Electrical Installation with the last IoT & IFTTT Smart Wifi Devices and Voice Command Capability.

In order to facilitate and achieve these objectives and requirements, it’s necessary perform a site up-grade to the site legacy Wifi Network and Infrastructure with smarter and always up-gradable firmware devices with a deconstructed Modem Architecture providing individual security gateway, controller, with POE Switches and distributed Gigabit Pro Wifi Access Points propagated in strategic locations throughout the dwelling. A Powerful Cloud and App give you full Control and Detailed Reporting of your system

For this ALCHIMIE Electrical endorses Ubiquiti Unifi High Performance and robost WiFi solutions with a combination of New Gigabit Security Gateway/Modem to work in concert with legacy NBN and Modem, Controller, Powerful 8/16/24/48 off 150Watt-8 Port PoE+ Switches with Hard Wired and High Performance and Remote PRO & Nano Wireless Access Points in One (1) or more Locations with multiple Locations of hardwired, Wireless Access Points and Mesh Access Points for Outdoor Entertainment Areas as well as Separate Electrical Installations and Outbuildings like Studios/Garages.

These Hardwired remote Wi-fi access points and mesh network devices will provide reliable and seemless connection Wifi connectively & handshaking throughout the dwelling/facility and electrical installation throughout, downstairs and up-stairs/Ideal for Multi-Level Facilities, Inside and Outside entertainment areas including the seperate Outbuildings/Studios/Garages/Workshops/Shed.

These measures are also required in order to facilitate the specification provided for the New WifI Smart Home Automation Systems and Voice Control and Smart Mobile App Interface allowing interaction from any inside and outside the property. Even when you’re not at home.

These systems can be integrated to work with Smart Home/Office Automation with Google Assistant, Google Home and Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation, or Amazon Alexa and also has voice capability with commands for control and is scalable to enhance to home automation experience for other functionality, including dimming controls via app, motion sensors, additional switching light and power loads and also includes further capability for additional garden lighting and security integration and control via app.

Design,Supply & Installation, and Commissioning Solutions

  • Design System Architecture Solution
  • Source, Procurement and Delivery of Materials
  • Perform site assessment/investigation and mapping with strategic Locations for New AC-PRO/Nano Hardwired Access Points and proposed audio and visual warning devices
  • Supply & Install Data Comms Infrastructure Cat6 Wiring Systems
  • Supply, Install and connect/Integrate New Data comms Wifi Up-grade Architecture Infrastructure, Up-date firmware and configure systems
  • Supply & Installation of New & Intergrated Smart Home Video Intercom System Solutions with Audible Alarm/Light in Front Room
  • Configure and Test for operation, perform house keeping
  • Provide customer orientation and documentation & client breifing

Features & Benefits:

Peace of Mind Security with the selection of the World’s Leading, Well tried & proven Scalable System Architecture Solutions with incrediable diagnositics, control, visability and repoting capabilities free of cost and without licenencing requirements, and Compliance and safety associated data communications work by accredited proessionals and electrical work undertaken to rules & regulations a covered by a Certificate of Electrical Safety for Prescribed as well as Non-Prescribed Electrical Work,

Improved speed, reliability and capacity wifi performance and installation covered for reception anywhere.

Full control of Smart Home Automation via Smart Phone App

Full security, control and visibility of your Wifi Network with Ubiquity Unifi Wifi Enterprise Controller Software and Scalable Wifi Management
All materials are compliant with the Australian Standards and complete with Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM),