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Our History

John Roberts is the company Director and Technical Nominee/Supervisor has a solid background and experience in Commercial & Industrial Electrical and process automation and has more than 25 years’ experience managing the delivery of complex E, I & C design, electrical installation with instrumentation and commissioning systems for Industrial and process automation, machine systems and materials handling projects and for a multitude of stakeholders.


Working in utilities and major Infrastructure projects and contracts for Water, Energy, Construction, Petroleum, Gas Distribution, Steel, Mining, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage Industries as a Lead Electrical & operations resource, and later as a Senior Project Manager in the Electrical & Control Systems Integration space.

John is taking a hands on role with the business participating in projects along with his partner network in plumbing & mechanical services as well as supplier/contractor relationships to deliver outcomes & projects.

The organisations vision is to build enough work to establish a nucleus core workforce that will be the company in the vision of the values, mission and purpose.

In late 2013 John established membership with NECA and also gained training and accreditation to the EcoSmart Electricians Brand to help define the business and service offering as well as gain access to support network to assist the organisation achieve its strategic objectives associated with:

  • People & Culture,
  • Quality & Systems,
  • Growth & Stability

John is a hands on delivery resource with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry and has training, accreditation across all sector of the industry.

Why the Name “ALCHIMIE” Electrical ?

The word ALCHEMY, ACHIMIE or ALKEMIE is derived in modern times from the medieval period and has a relationship to the science of Chemistry. This practice has a history in earlier time in other parts of the world & periods.

The inspiration for ALCHIMIE was born when the business was born In 2012 as a result of John operating in the Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Systems environment and working with a number of Chemical & Process Engineers in the Instrumentation & controls field for Water Treatment, Mining and Energy.

The word “ALCHIMIST” and the science of “Alchemy” arose at the time of a new project. during a prospective client conversation, it was decided by John on the spot that a new business was born with ALCHIMIE Consulting in October 2012.