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Air-Conditioning Solutions

When the customer has determined that they’ll up-grade their Dwelling Habitat Climate Management associated with their Heating & Cooling requirements with Reverse Cycle Refrigerated Wall Mounted Split System Air-Conditioning Architecture or to replace the performance of their legacy Gas Ducted Heating, or even with No current cooling solution for your single (1) or Two (2) Story dwelling at the moment, which makes the Up-stairs Sleeping Areas extremely hot in the Summer Months


The customer has elected to employ a de-centralised and distributed Individual Room/Area Climate Management Architecture for a Scalable deployment providing the most the best optimised performance, Energy Efficiency and cost effective means of providing Heating & Cooling Climate Control to manage the habitat of their chosen living spaces.

For this ALCHIMIE Electrical are proposing the Supply & Installation of the Latest Technology & Model and New Red Dot Award Winning Slimline Design, Whisper Quite and most Energy Efficient Mitsubishi AP Series, 2nd Generation R32 Gas Wall Mounted, Reverse Cycle and DC Inverter Technology Split System Heat Pump Air-Conditioning Installations for Between 2 – 5 Rooms/Areas.

ALCHIMIE Electrical Pty. Ltd, only uses Australia Standards and Regulatory Compliance Marked Approved Products & Materials ensuring only the highest possible quality installations by our Highly Trained, Accredited and Quality Trades Professionals as Employees equipped to deliver our focus on Quality Outcomes only.

ALCHIMIE Electrical is proud and relies on it’s reputation to always deliver the very best quality advice and value for money quality outcomes, and we DON’T Use Sub-contractor to Deliver work, instead building our own high performing team with a sustainable culture further providing you peace of mind and certainty of only the best quality outcomes and installations.

We ensure the size of your selected system is the most fit for purpose, and not under sized to ensure your backed with the Manufacturers Warranty of 5 Years with Australian Based Global Leading Supplier with Service & Support after installation where required to ensure your protected no matter what happens anywhere in the supply chain.

ALL our Systems are Pressure Tested with Nitrogen to 1,000 kPA / 150PSI for Hermatically Seal Systems and Vacuumed Down to 500 – 80 Mircons for smaller systems and hydraulics runs prior to releasing/charging Systems with Refrigerant Gas ensuring the quality of your installation throughout it’s installed life. This allows us to provide you with a Seven (7) Year Workmanship Guarantee on the Quality of our Installation.

In addition to this we’ll supply a Certificate of Electrical Safety providing you with peace of mind long after the job is completed.

Supply & Installation of the Latest Technology, Whisper Quite and Energy Efficient and Red dot Award Wining Slimline Design Solutions and 2nd Generation R32 Gas Mitsubishi MSZ AP 00VG x.x/x.xkW Wall Mounted Split System Reverse Cycle Air-Conditioning with DC Inverter Technology Series complete with Manufactures Warranty of 5 Years complete with:

Standard Installation included, Wall Mount Outside and directly Back to Back complete with New Local Isolator, and 20AMP Rated Dedicated Sub-Circuit from Switchboard to outside Condenser location.

Duct/Trucking System & fittings Installation for Gas, Hydraulic & Electrical Services from Head Unit to Condenser Installation to Wall Bracket Mounting System & Elevated Position Condensors for each system to provide discrete and optimised space installation.

Workmanship Guarentee for Seven (7) Years on Completion of Work complete with Certificate of Electrical Safety for Non-Prescribed Class of Electrical Work on completion,

ALCHIMIE Electrical can provide Wifi Adaptor Cards for Mitsubishi Ducted & Split Systems compatible with Google & Alexa for Voice Command.

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