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Energy Monitoring System

ALCHIMIE Electrical can empower you with a real time visibility energy monitoring system. View, record, and report on your energy monitoring data with ease, and make informed decisions regarding your energy usage. All this will provide you with opportunities to implement the strategies that reduce your consumption and carbon footprint.

By fitting powerful, yet cost effective, energy current transformers (CTs) with voltage references polling to a cloud-based reporting system, you can have visibility of your electrical installation in real time, anytime and anywhere. Turn on an appliance and see in real time (less a few seconds depending on your internet speed) the impact of that energy load on your energy consumption.


Install an Electricity Usage Monitor with Your Solar System

Where you have solar installed, your electricity usage monitor can even allow you to see the energy harvested, versus the energy consumption, and make comparisons to what you draw from the grid. A dashboard presents information that is easy to understand at a glance, and reports are available for comparisons for different periods.

Use a Wattwatchers Energy Monitor at Your Holiday Rental

Do you run a B&B or holiday rental? For better monitoring of your tenants’ energy usage, why not consider having a Wattwatchers energy monitor installed? You can use this to monitor expensive energy consumption associated with the use of air conditioning or heating, and then adjust your tariffs if needed. You can even use this cloud-based technology to tell when you have occupants there.

The Wattwatchers energy load centre installation kit, for connection to high energy and low voltage electrical power distribution assets, including switchboards and distribution bars with busbars, is designed for easy, quick and cost effective installation and connections by qualified and competent A-Grade electricians.

Try a Wattwatchers Energy Monitoring System for Better Data Reporting

Unlike traditional data logger installations and work practices, the Wattwatchers energy monitor allows you to obtain dynamic, real-time, and comprehensive high resolution energy data IMMEDIATELY and without waiting for the traditional data logger to be disconnected before having .csv files interrogated and analysed.

Whether it’s a temporary installation, or permanent and dynamic installation, ALCHIMIE Electrical (with our partners at Wattwatchers) can help you to achieve your energy analysis needs with step change cost benefits to realise your business potential and maintain that cost competitive operating advantage into the future.