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Energy Monitoring your Electrical Installation

ALCHIMIE Electrical can empower you with real time visibility, data & reporting of your energy usage with information that will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your energy usage at the same provide you with opportunities to implement strategies to reduce your consumption, carbon footprint at the same time be a good global citizen.

By fitting powerful yet cost effective Energy CT’s (Current Transformers) with Voltage references polling to a Cloud Based Reporting System you can have visibility of your electrical installation in real time, anytime and anywhere. Turn on an appliance and see in real time (less a few seconds depending on your internet speed) the impact of that energy load on your energy consumption .

Smart home

Where you have solar installed you can even see the energy harvested verses the energy consumption and make comparisons to what you draw from the grid. A dash board presents well configured information that is easy to understand at a glance and reports are available for comparisons for different periods.

Do you have a holiday rental ? Well you can use this to charge your tenants for expensive energy consumption associated with the use of expensive Air-Conditioning or heating. You can even tell when you have occupants there.

The WattWatchers Energy Load Centre Installation Kit for connection to High Energy and Low Voltage Electrical Power Distribution Power Distribution Assets including switchboards and distribution bars with busbars is designed for easy, quick and cost effective installation and connections by qualified and competent and Licenced “A” Grade Electrician performing correct installation with safe work practices, mitigation procedures/PPE and supervision in accordance with AS/NZS 4836:2011 Safe Working on or near low-voltage electrical installations and equipment obtaining suitable voltage references and convenient design for connectivity to a variety of Energy CT sizes from 60AMP to 600AMP as well as Flexible CT’s for 3000AMP Rogoswki Coil Connections.

Unlike traditional Data Logger Installations and work practices this kit allows you to obtain Dynamic & Realtime and comprehensive high resolution energy data (5 second polling rates available) IMMEDIATELY and without waiting for the traditional datalogger to be disconnected then have .csv files interrogated and analysed.

These results are achieved using a variety of WattWatchers AUDITOR 3M& 6M 3G (also available in wifi versions) Energy Meter Solutions, CT’s and accessories along with your Energy Consultant/Analysist providing their own Software as a service solution provide you with powerful, meaningful and actionable data to help you help you partners make those informed decisions and cost effective initiatives and investments in your business power distribution asset save you money, reduce business overheads to keep your organisation profitable, green and a good corporate citizen.

This kit is designed for sale to those Energy Consultants and Software as a Solution Service Providers reduce the cost of Data Acquisition to the end user as an Alternative in some cases to permeant and fixed wiring installations of Energy Meters where costs may be prohibitive due to suitable access to spare pole capacity of distribution boards, and where the only voltage references available are via copper busbars. This kit allows for retrieval of valuable and expensive Rogowski Coit CT Assets and associated Calibrated WattWatchers Matching Energy Meters installation by qualified A Grade Electrician in accordance with AS/NZS 4836:2011 allowing the customer to save on hardware costs where permanent installation isn’t practical where the same WattWatchers Hardware Assets can be re-deployed throughout their plant multiple times where practical saving significant costs to the end user and reducing the cost of data acquisition.

This kit also provisions for installation of Multiple & Expanded WattWatchers Energy Meters on the same Voltage Reference monitor additional loads with a variety of CT’s from 60-600AMP as well as 3000AMP Rogowski Coils with options for Single (1) and Three (3) Phase Loads with calibrated AUDITOR Rogoswki 3M Meters and other optional accessories including Single (1) Pole 25AMP Change over contactors (1 x N/O & 1 X N/C AUX ON-AUTO-OFF) for programmable load switching where required.

The Voltage References are achieved using the highest Quality French CatIII 1000V/CatIV 600V Silicone flexible 2.0mtr/1.0mm square combination insulated straight & Right Angled Flexible lead sockets for Voltage References and insulated Plug Socket Connections for quick connection to WatWattchers Meters and High Energy Busbar switchboard connection with robust Energy Load Centre enclosure complete with Single (1) Pole, and Three (3) Pole 10AMP 6kA MCB’s with earth cable kit connection for Rogowski Coils with shielded CT’s for short and extended connections where required.

Optional CT extension kit available on request for 3 Channel and 6 Channel CT’s where needed U pto 12.0mtrs (Maximum) where required.

2 off 25mm Nylon glanded Cable entries for CT’s means you can have a combination of Meters and options for those temporary installations where polling data for 1 or 2 weeks only is required.

The Energy Load Centre Enclosure has a protective lid that provides performance visibility of the meter & controls as well as protection for the 3G Antenna which has been cut out to accommodate up to 3 off WattWatchers AUDITOR3 or6M 3G Meters.

The kit comes complete with a convenient carry case to hose for stowing of 1000V CatIII Insulated Alligator Clips and High Quality French mage Silicone 2.0mtrs leads and earth cable for shielding.

The alligator Clips and Flexible Silicone leads can be also disconnected and straight and right angled plug altered to suit your meter installation requirements.

Whether it’s a temporary installation or permanent and dynamic installation ALCHIMIE Electrical with it’s WattWatchers Partners can help you achieve your energy analysis needs to help you achieve those step change cost benefits to realise your business potential and maintain that cost competitive operating advantage into the future.