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LED Lighting

There’s lots to consider when selecting suitable lighting for your environment. Things such as:

  • Colour of surrounds influence colour temperatures of lighting
  • Height of ceilings
  • Purpose of lighting and true colour rendering requirements
  • Level of luminescence required and level of control desired
  • Budget
Electrical Installations

Alchimie Electrical also offer comprehensive design services, just provide us with your plans for your residential or Commercial New Build, or Renovation.

LED lighting has come a long way in recent years. When they want to find out more about the many options that are available to them in LED lighting installations, Melbourne homeowners can contact the Alchimie Electrical team.

When you think of LED lighting, you might think of plain downlights emitting a harsh cool light. If this isn’t your style, then why not ask us about the warm ‘daylight’ globes, or innovative LED lighting options to fit any type of light fitting or fixture, from chandeliers to hidden LED strip lighting.

Industrial LED Lighting Installations

If you want LED lighting installations in your Melbourne or Bayside area industrial premises that will help you save money and cut your overall energy consumption, then call the Alchimie Electrical team today.

Our team can provide the lighting assessment that ensures you will have the emergency and exit lighting, factory or warehouse lighting, office lighting, and external or security lighting that helps you to operate safely and efficiently at all times.

Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades

Upgrade your lighting by replacing the old fluorescent tubes in your business with new, environmentally responsible LED lighting. Installations in Melbourne or the Bayside area are quick and cost-efficient, and you can start saving on your future electricity costs as soon as the new LED lighting is installed.

Enjoy the Benefits of LED Lighting Upgrades

Whether you run a business, or simply want to cut back on your home energy consumption, LED lighting will provide immediate benefits, both for your wallet and for the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint and become a more responsible global citizen by contacting Alchimie Electrical for a quote on LED lighting installation. Melbourne and Bayside region locals can call 1300 735 822 to talk to our team today.

LED Lighting Up-Grades

Many Older and legacy Electrical Lighting Installations comprise of a combination of Non-Energy Efficient Halogen Dichroic Lighting and lamps with some of these fixtures with new LED Lamps installed, however the original, non-compatible, aged and Heat Effected Transformers & Fly Leads legacy hardware is still installed with still effected the performance, efficiency, reliability & safety of the existing Electrical Lighting Installation as well as some other Older Style ES/BC Type Globe Installation Large Recessed Down lights installed also.

The areas associated with the proposed LED Lighting Up-grade include:

The Government sponsored scheme with the supply of New LED Lamps designed to replace the legacy Halogen diachronic lamps whilst Low Wattage are also Low in Luminescence Performance and with the cooling fins are responsible for loosing expensive energy heating & cooling energy by vacuum exhausting habitable space of conditioned climate into the roof and ceiling spaces defeating their purpose and intention at the same time severely comprising the Lumens Output Performance and lighting installation performance and quality.

The results of the government sponsored replacement scheme is poor lighting performance leading to dis-satisfaction and further frustration with the reliability & performance of the existing lighting. Not addressing the legacy lighting is an issue for the high running costs of Halogen, the Safety of the existing Halogen Lighting Installation and the potential for fire means there is a need to install New and Energy Efficient, Well Tried & Proven LED Lighting that is Safe, Reliable, Regulatory Compliance Mark Approved (RCM), Reputable Brand, Long Lasting 30,000 – 50,000 hours of life, Energy Efficient with Matching Drivers, is Dimmable Capable, Low on Glare at the same time high Lumen on performance that can be entirely covered by ceiling insulation without compromising the safety of the dwelling.

The design of these legacy lamps and lighting solutions means the Lighting Installation will be in constant need of maintenance with replacement and interaction for the electrical lighting installation providing exposure to increased maintenance costs and opportunities for injuries due to necessary interactions. The existing Halogen Diachroiac Lamps/lighting technology is prohibited from importation to Australia for 50 & 35Watts versions due to them being classified now as non-energy products. The only available replacements are what is already been imported into the country. Because of this, the consumer is placed in a position and forced to make a decision regarding the appropriate lighting solution going forward with much lower light output/Lumen 20Watt Halogen, or 6Watt LED GU5.2 Lamps inducing other issues into the electrical installation apart from low lighting.

The New proposed LED Downlight solutions being offered are designed to connect to New and in-expensive Socket Outlets which means no more need for an electrician to connect or disconnect as they simply just connect with a 3 Pin Plug supplied with each fitting and plugged in to a newly installed socket in the roof. So when it comes time where you need to paint, you simply remove fitting and un-plug, then repeat the procure to restore the performance of each luminaire.

These existing flight fittings allow expensive heating & cooling energy expenses get vacuumed up into the roof space as well as being responsible for generating much heat into the Habital space and  because of their design and being energy in-efficient, the legacy Halogen lighting also threatens the security of the dwelling & occupants due to heat & fire risk as well as compromise the insulation of the roof spaces.
In addition to this they compromise the integrity of the existing roof insulation with a weakness as they can’t be covered by insulation due to heat & potential fire issues as well as being prohibited to be covered by Australian Standards AS/NZS 3000:2018 Wiring Rules.

Our well tried and proven solutions are designed to address the gaps in design, performance & safety by proposing a NEW Energy Efficient, RCM (Regulatory Mark Approved), and High Performance and Low Profile, Low Glare LED Lighting Solution that can be Fully covered by insulation without Thermal Hazards and risk of fires that are designed to last 50,000hours.

Because the Electrical Lighting installation is being modified it may necessary to bring the lighting circuit up to current electrical standard and Supply and fit RCD Protection to lighting circuit.

  • Certificates of Electrical Safety from Alchimie Electrical provide you with the peace of mind, and security that your installation is Safe, and Compliant.

Features & Benefits:

New Recessed & RCM Approved Downlights are Dimmable Capable as well as able to be fully covered by Insulation increasing the Safety of the Dwelling as well as reducing the Energy Consumption and having increased performance Lumens Output,

The New Recessed & Re-bated Dimmable Capable LED Downlights are Rebated and designed to reduce the Glare on the eye.

Peace of Mind Security with Compliance and safety associated electrical work undertaken to rules & regulations and covered by a Certificate of Electrical Safety for Prescribed as well as Non-Prescribed Electrical Work, Long Lasting performance 30,000 – 50,000 hours, Reliable Product with Reputable well tried and proven Brand product solutions backed with good manufactureres Warranty supported in Australia that are Energy Efficient, Performance efficient with high Lumen Output, and Low in Glare by Design, Can be Fully covered with Roof Insulation.

All Solutions and Materials offered by Alchimie Electrical are compliant with the Australian Standards and complete with Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM),