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Zen Thermostat / Smart Thermostat

A Zen Thermostat can replace any wall-mounted 24V thermostat, but if you’re not sure whether it is a suitable choice for your home or workplace, then simply call the ALCHIMIE Electrical team to find out more about where the Zen Thermostat can be installed, and what advantages it will offer when compared to traditional thermostat models. 

Stay Connected with Zen’s Thermostat WiFi

Whether you already have a connected home, or you are just setting up your home automation system, your new Zen Thermostat will fit right in. Zen Thermostat’s WiFi connectedness allows you to maintain control either from any compatible home hub, or home automation system app, as well as from the Zen interface.


The Zen Thermostat is made to blend seamlessly with your home in every way. The elegantly simple design means you’ll never have to worry about hiding an unsightly thermostat again, while the wireless connection and easy system compatibility mean there is no disruption when you make the switch to a Zen Thermostat.

Heat You Home with the Zen WiFi Thermostat

Stay cosy all winter with a smart and connected Zen WiFi Thermostat. Because the Zen Thermostat is always connected, you can use your home automation system to set the temperature from wherever you are at the time – turning the temperature up so it’s nice and warm when you get home, or double checking that you have turned off the heating when you’re out for the day. 

You can easily save on power costs by allowing your smart home system to run on an energy saving program. And the LED screen of the Zen Thermostat, that powers down when not in use, means that the thermostat itself is very low on energy consumption.

Keep Your Cool with the Zen Thermostat

The Zen Thermostat will integrate well with a range of evaporative cooling and fan systems, so you can choose the level of cooling that you need on any given day. Run your regular energy-saving program, or control the thermostat wirelessly wherever you are throughout or outside the house.

If the temperatures rise beyond what you had expected when you’re stuck at work and worried about your pets at home, then simply use your smart home app to adjust the temperature, and the Zen Thermostat will respond stat.