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New Electrical regulations for rental housing

These changes are based on feedback the Victorian community gave during the Fairer Safer Housing consultation. They have been consulting with key government, community, and industry stakeholders about the proposed Regulations.

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The Regulations will affect rental providers (landlords) and the 1.5 million Victorians living in rental housing. This includes:

  • private rental housing
  • public and social housing
  • rooming houses
  • caravan parks
  • residential parks

Part C—Safety-Related Activities

Electrical safety checks

  • The rental provider must ensure an electrical safety check of all electrical installations, fittings and appliances provided by the rental provider in the rented premises. This is to be conducted every 2 years by a licensed or registered electrician. Landlords must provide the renter with the date of the most recent safety check on request of the renter
  • If an electrical safety check of the rented premises has not been conducted within the last 2 years at the time the renter occupies the premises, the rental provider must arrange an electrical safety check as soon as practicable

Electrical safety

On and from 1 July 2022, in relation to electrical safety, all power outlets and lighting circuits in the rented premises are to be connected to

  • a switchboard type Circuit Breaker that complies with AS/NZS 3000 Electrical Installations as published from time to time; and
  • a switchboard type Residual Current Device that complies with—
    • AS/NZS 3190 Approval and test specification — Residual current devices (current-operated earth-leakage devices), as published from time to time; or
    • AS/NZS 61008.1 Residual current operated circuit-breakers without integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses (RCCBs): Part 1: General rules, as published from time to time; or
    • AS/NZS 61009.1 Residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses (RCCBs) Part 1: General rules, as published from time to time

Priority issues for renters:

  • sought additional rental minimum standards around draught proofing, ventilation, insulation, and cooling
  • requested that the energy efficiency range of the heating standard be increased from 2 stars to 3 or 4 stars
  • sought mandatory disclosure of previous issues with mould and damp in the rental property

A note on terms used in the Regulations

The Regulations use terms that apply from 29 March 2021. These are:

  • renters – currently called tenants
  • rental providers – currently called landlords
  • rental agreements – currently called tenancy agreements
  • rooming house operators – currently called rooming house owners

Residency Tenancy Inspections with ALCHIMIE Electrical

At ALCHIMIE Electrical, our team of Master Electricians, Electrical Contractors and Technicians can complete residency tenancy inspections and electrical safety checks on your behalf. Our team can ensure that you are meeting your obligations as a landlord and that electrical standards are being upheld for tenants.

To arrange a residency tenancy inspection with ALCHIMIE Electrical, contact us today. To learn more about changes to Residential Tenancy Regulations, view the resources below.

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