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Switchboard Upgrades & Mains Up-grades Melbourne

Your switchboard has old ceramic fuses that may be a fire hazard with loose connections or have been disconnected, and or reconnected under load causing arching and carbon tracking that is conductive and damage to brass conductive materials leading to poor contact and overheating with the potential for inevitable fire under heavy load conditions.

Then it may be time for a Switchboard Up-grade and Optimization with Reconfiguration to Increase the Electrical Installations Safety, Performance, Compliance & Robustness with Tolerance against Nuisance Tripping events.

MCB switch

Protect your most valuable asset from damage and from the potential of fire, or event worst, ensure you protect the inhabitants of your dwelling from shock and potentially electrocution.

If any of the following are true, then it may be time to call in the experts from ALCHIMIE Electrical.

  • Your switchboard has old ceramic fuses that may be a fire hazard with loose connections or have been disconnected, and or reconnected under load causing arching and cardon tracking that is conductive and damage to brass conductive materials leading to the potential foor inevitable fire under load conditions
  • You have an old 2 or 4 Pole safety switch protecting 3 or more circuits creative
  • Are there legacy circuits, including electrical Lighting circuits that don’t have electrical Safety
  • Your switchboard doesn’t have safety switches to protect your wiring, your house, you or your family
  • The wiring in your house is old
  • Your switchboard is fully loaded without any spare space for additional circuits
  • There is old circuit breakers and safety switches at the end of their life
  • You’d like to integrate Surge Protection for All your sensitive appliances
  • You need a new air conditioner
  • You need your garage wired with a sub-board
  • You have no current limiting device as a main switch. i.e. a toggle switch and Not a Miniature circuit Breaker suitability rated to protect the mains of the electrical installation
  • Your thinking of Installing Solar & Batteries in the future
  • You’re thing of installing Induction Cooktops
  • You’re thing of renovating, and or building an extension
  • You don’t know where your Main Earth or Main Electrode and Equipotential Bonding Earth and water pipe system is and whether you have effective earthing that will ensure your circuit protect device will trip within regulations and under 300ms in fault conditions

You’re concerned about the wiring in your Electrical Installation and you’d just like a Service with Energy Safe Home Safety Inspection Report

Safe Switchboard

Safe Switchboard Upgrades for Melbourne Residents and Business Owners

Whether you need to upgrade for safety reasons, to meet additional capacity requirements, or have any other reason for switchboard upgrades, Melbourne home and business owners alike can count on the expert advice and professional services of the ALCHIMIE Electrical team.

Exchange your old, unsafe, and unsightly switchboard for a new one that will protect your home and your family, your business and workers, as well as ensuring that all electrical systems continue to operate efficiently and without interruption.

Compliant Switchboard Upgrades and Electrical Installations for Metro Melbourne and the Bayside Region

In accordance with Victorian regulations, we will issue you with a certificate of electrical safety (COES), guaranteeing that your new switchboard has been installed safely by licenced electricians. You can rest easy knowing that the switchboard upgrade in your Melbourne home or business is safe, compliant, and tested. 

ALCHIMIE Electrical can help you to future-proof your switchboard and system, providing increased capacity for expansion of the main switchboard with spare modules for future expansion of circuits to incorporate any new electrical installations.

Don’t Delay Your Switchboard Upgrade Any Longer Melbourne

Reasons to request a switchboard upgrade from Melbourne experts ALCHIMIE Electrical:

  • Improved appearance, safety and functionality
  • Integrated Surge Protection for Protection for your sensitive appliances against surges
  • Improved efficiency of switchboard/meter panel layout, providing additional space
  • Improved safety with updated residual current devices (RCDs) that comply with current regulations and are tailored to the specific power socket outlet or lighting circuit used
  • Improved safety compliance with assurance of adherence to the AS/NZS 3017:2018 Electrical Installations – Verification Guidelines, and a COES to ensure property owners comply with all state requirements
  • Peace of Mind Security with Compliance and safety associated electrical work undertaken to rules & regulations a covered by a Certificate of Electrical Safety for Prescribed as well as Non-Prescribed Electrical Work
  • Switchboard will have ALL light & Power Circuits, including other circuits previously un-protected like Ovens, HWS, Air-conditioners and the like are now Individually RCD Protected which means only the effected circuit trips without impacting other non-related circuits
  • All materials are compliant with the Australian Standards and complete with Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM)
  • Additional and Spare Pole capacity available where expansion with additional circuits are required

The ALCHIMIE Electrical team can also perform a maximum demand calculation to provide appropriate recommendations regarding any additional electrical capacity that may be needed.