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Tesla Powerwall Melbourne

There are many considerations to take into account, but if you have decided it’s time to upgrade your solar system with the legendary innovation of a Tesla Powerwall, then talk to the team at ALCHIMIE Electrical, or ask for a no-obligation quote today.

Join the Energy Revolution

Powerwall is a home battery system that turns your home’s solar panels into an all day resource – increasing self-consumption of solar – while also offering backup in the event of an outage.

Powerwall enables more of your home’s electricity use to come from solar, which enhances solar functionality and reduces energy costs.

Tesla Powerwall
  • Touch Safe
  • Flexible Installation (10x)
  • Durable Design
  • Always Connected
  • Long Life
  • Affordable

Safeguard your home’s energy supply against power outages and enjoy the benefits of stored solar energy day and night.

Scalable System

Easily scalable up to 10 units for 135 kWh of energy and 50 kW of power. This turnkey system can be installed indoors or outdoors and can be configured to support both single (1) phase and three (3) phase loads.

Intelligent Software

Equipped with the most advanced autonomous control software to ensure customers maximize economic benefits. Tesla software learns and predicts energy patterns, optimizes battery dispatch to reduce electricity bills, and increases consumption of on-site solar.

No Maintenance

Easy to install and maintenance-free. There is no service overhead during the 10-year warranty of the system.


Peak Shaving

Discharge at times of peak demand to reduce expensive demand charges.

Emergency Back-up

Powers a facility when the Grid Goes Down

Demand Response

Discharge or charge in response to signals from a demand response administrator.

Load Shifting

Shift energy consumption from one point in time to another.

Ancillary Services

Provide service to the grid in response to signals sent by the grid operator.

Solar Self-Consumption

Charge from solar when possible to increase renewable consumption

Save Even More with a Tesla Powerwall2 Installation

Selling the excess power that your solar panels generate back to the grid is the most common way to make further savings from your solar system. However, if at any stage you have to buy power from the grid, then you will quickly find that the marked-up price you pay is far more than the price you receive when selling your own solar-generated energy.

With a Tesla Powerwall, Melbourne homeowners can simply store the excess energy for future use, and never have to pay inflated energy prices again.

Get Off the Grid with a Tesla Powerwall in Melbourne

Whether you want to reduce your reliance on grid power, or to set up a completely independent off-grid system, either way, you can combine your solar system with a Tesla Powerwall for greater cost-saving efficiency.

If you want to take advantage of Australia’s ample sunshine, then talk to the ALCHIMIE Electrical team about the setup you will need to take your home partially, or completely, off-grid.

Drawing all of your home’s power from solar and stored solar power is not for everyone, and it will require some small adjustments in the way you use electrical appliances within your home. However, if you’re committed to living a more sustainable life, or simply want to explore the cost-saving benefits of solar power, then you can count on the ALCHIMIE Electrical team to design and install the system you will need to integrate perfectly with a Tesla Powerwall. Melbourne homeowners can call or email us at any time to find out more.  

Make Sure You Have the Power You Need with Our Tesla Powerwall Installations

If you’re worried about living in a fickle climate like Melbourne, where successive overcast days are not unusual, even in summer, then you may already be searching for a better way to get the most from your solar system. If you’re living in a home with every mod con and appliance, or you need additional power for charging an electric vehicle, then you may need a reliable energy storage unit.

With the Tesla Powerwall, Melbourne homeowners can save their energy for a rainy day, taking full advantage of every moment of sunlight, and turning it into clean, efficient power for when skies are grey.