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RCD Testing Melbourne

Push button testing is something that all employers should be familiar with conducting, and when it is time for the twelve monthly, or two yearly operating/trip time testing that must be carried out in high, medium, or low risk environments, they can call on the qualified electricians at ALCHIMIE Electrical to provide compliant tagging and RCD testing. Melbourne business owners can count on the ALCHIMIE Electrical team to perform work that is compliant with the necessary Australian standards as laid out in AS 3760 In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment


High Risk Area RCD Testing in Melbourne

The process of RCD testing in Melbourne must follow both the WorkSafe Victoria guidelines, and the procedures laid out in the AS/NZS 3760:2010. This is especially important in high risk areas, being defined by WorkSafe Victoria as areas “where the environment AND the use increases the risk of cable damage or shortening of life expectancy”.

RCDs are designed to shut off power within a designated timeframe, to prevent electric shock or electrocution when a disruption is detected. This life saving electrical safety device (whether fixed or portable) requires twelve monthly testing to ensure that it responds within the required timeframe in a fault situation. 

Medium Risk Area RCD Testing in Melbourne

In medium risk areas, employers will also be required to carry out regular twelve-monthly RCD testing. Melbourne and Bayside area business owners can call ALCHIMIE Electrical when they have determined that the environment or operating conditions meet WorkSafe Victoria’s definition of an “area where either the environment OR the use may increase the risk of damage or shortening of life expectancy”.

Low Risk Area RCD Testing in Melbourne

Low risk areas are defined as areas “where the environment is not hazardous AND the use does not pose an increased risk to cables”. Low risk areas will only require two-yearly RCD testing, and Melbourne or Bayside area employers can count on the ALCHIMIE Electrical team for the testing and tagging service that will comprise part of their workplace safety responsibilities.