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Thermal Imaging

We have the expertise to carry out thermal imaging repairs and have the resources to carry out thermal imaging reports both electrically and mechanically. This enables us to identify fire risk and detect industrial failures before they happen and then undertake the necessary preventative maintenance. We have purchased a FLIR E85 with 384 x 288 (110,592 pixals) Resolution camera to enable us to do this detection work. The advantages for our clients include:

  • Detect and predict failures before they happen. Prevention saves our clients downtime, lost production and unnecessary overtime, as well as ensuring a safer workplace. We are electric motor repairers as well as electricians, and have a keen interest in electric motor preventative maintenance
  • Licensed electricians are required to accompany Thermal Imaging Photographers when carrying out thermal imaging inspections. Our industrial electricians are appropriately licensed to perform this service independently, thus our clients need only pay for one technician, not two
  • We have sound electrical and mechanical knowledge of locating the origins of problems whereas stand alone thermal photographers do not. We will provide a more targeted and efficient service than standard thermal photographers
Tharmal imagine

Non-Contact Thermal imaging maintenance is a safe and reliable method and is used for inspections of electrical systems and components in all sizes and shapes by our trained electrical personnel.

There are a multitude of applications for non-contact thermal imaging maintenance within the range of electrical systems including high voltage and low voltage installations.

Our Services

For High voltage installations

Heat is an important factor in high voltage installations. As electrical current passes through a resistive element, it generates heat. An increased resistance results in an increase in heat. Over time the resistance of electrical connections will increase, due to loosening and corrosion for instance. The corresponding rise in temperature can cause components to fail, resulting in unplanned outages and even injuries. In addition, the energy spent on generating heat causes unnecessary energy losses. If left unchecked, the heat can even rise to the point where connections melt and break down; as a result, fires may break out.

Some examples of failures in high-voltage installations that can be detected with thermal imaging:

  • Oxidation of high voltage switches
  • Overheated connections
  • Incorrectly secured connections
  • Insulator defects

These and other issues can be spotted at an early stage with a thermal imaging camera. A thermal imaging camera will help you to accurately locate the problem, determine the severity of the problem, and establish the time frame in which the equipment should be repaired.

Our services can provide certainty that your facility maintains productivity up-time and efficiency up, as well as saving you money with predictive & preventative maintenance.

For Low Voltage Installations 

Thermal imaging maintenance services are used for inspections of electrical systems and components in all sizes and shapes an their use is by no means limited to large high voltage applications alone.

Electrical cabinets and motor control centres are regularly scanned with a thermal imaging maintenance services. If left unchecked, heat can rise to a point that connections melt and break down; as a result, fires may break out. In addition loose connections in electrical systems suffer from load imbalances, corrosion, and increases in impedance to current.

Thermal imaging inspection services using our trained electrical resources can quickly identify hot spots, determine the severity of the problem, and help establish the time frame in which the equipment should be repaired.

Examples of failures in low voltage equipment that can be detected with thermal imaging:

  • High resistance connections
  • Corroded connections
  • Internal fuse damage
  • Internal circuit breaker faults
  • Poor connections and internal damage

These and other issues can be spotted at an early stage with a thermal imaging maintenance. Our approach and trained personnel will help you and your business prevent costly damages as well avoid dangerous situations.

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