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Electrical Maintenance

At ALCHIMIE Electrical we understand the need to be ready to support ALL requirements associated with Electrical Maintenance whether if be for Up-grades to support aging installations and plant, Reactive Maintenance to address those unplanned break downs and Outages, as well as those Installations that required on-going Preventative maintenance in a scheduled way to ensure reliability and performance and as Predictive Maintenance for those requirements for the self-insured and specified requirements associated with:

  • upgrades-icon


    • Mains Up-grades
    • Switchboard Up-grades
    • LED Lighting
    • USB Power Points
  • reactive-icon


    • Breakdowns
    • Emergency Electricians providing 24/7 Support
  • preventative-maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance

    • Emergency & Exit Lighting Maintenance
    • RCD Testing
    • Appliance Test & Tagging – Single (1) Phase & Three (3) Phase
    • Smoke Detector Installation & Maintenance
    • Energy Safe Victoria Home & Facility Electrical Safety Inspection Reports
  • predictive-icon

    Predictive Maintenance

    • Infra-Red (IR) Non-Contact Thermal Imaging of Low Voltage Power Distribution Assets
    • Energy Safe Victoria Home & Facility Electrical Safety Inspection Reports

Regular maintenance is essential for a range of electrical systems, whether residential or commercial. Faults can lead to hazardous conditions or simple inefficiency. Either way, you are better off knowing before rather than after something goes wrong, and the best way to achieve this aim is by scheduling regular electrical maintenance. Melbourne locals can call the Alchimie Electrical team at any time to find out more about our maintenance services in a range of areas.

Our Services

Reactive, Preventative, or Predictive Electrical Maintenance


  • Test and tag
  • Workplaces & businesses, employers have a legal obligation to ensure that all electrical appliances, accessories and specified equipment is regularly tested by a certified competent person & tagged as ‘electrically safe’ according to the Electrical Act 2002, Australian Work Health & Safety
  • Achimie -Electrical highly trained technicians will visually check all items & then test them with the latest PAT 3670
  • Residential tenancy Inspections

At Alchimie Electrical, we understand the need to be ready to support all requirements associated with electrical maintenance for our Melbourne and Bayside region customers. Whether it be for upgrades to support ageing installations and plant, reactive maintenance to address those unexpected breakdowns and outages, or testing of those installations that require ongoing preventative maintenance in a scheduled way, to ensure reliability and performance, and a predictive maintenance service for the self-insured and other specified requirements.

Smoke Detector Maintenance and Replacement

Installing smoke ditector

Smoke Detectors

Legacy and existing position hard wired, battery smoke detector (& inter-connected units) require regular annual maintennace and period replacement after 10 years.
Alchimie Electrical recommend replacements of existing position & failed hard wired, and battery backed smoke detector with New and well tried and proven Regulatory Compliance Approved CLIPSAL Surface Mount GEN IV 755PSMA4 Mains Powered, Battery Backed with Inter-connection wiring Interface is necessary to ensure the security of your most valuable asset, your families safety & well being as well as important compliance requirements.

Alchimie Electrical provide New Installations, and Smoke Alarm Maintennace and Replacement Services with:

  • Mobilisation & set-down tools & materials on site
  • Isolate Lighting Circuit Power and De-commission existing position Smoke Detector
  • Supply & Installation of New Mains Powered 240V AC HardWired / Battery Backed & Inter-connected wiring interface Smoke Detector at existing position 
  • Test for operation, perform housekeeping, brief client, pack-up tools and materials and de-mobilise from site
  • Lodge & Supply Certificate of Electrical Safety for Non-Prescribed Class of Electrical Work


  • Flush Mount additional where required, and Smoke alarms for the deaf and hard of hearing

Features & Benefits:

Peace of Mind & Security with only well tried & proven solutions and Compliance and safety associated electrical work undertaken to rules & regulations a covered by a Certificate of Electrical Safety for Prescribed as well as Non-Prescribed Electrical Work from a provider you can trust in Alchimie Electrical Pty. Ltd.

All materials are compliant with the Australian Standards and complete with Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM)


Smoke alarms are compulsory and must be installed in every residential building, on or near the ceiling of every storey.

Smoke Alarms


When you‘re asleep you lose your sense of smell. A smoke alarm is your electronic nose. It will alert you if there is smoke from a fire. A small fire can grow to involve an entire room in just two to three minutes. A smoke alarm provides early warning and time to escape.

Smoke alarms are compulsory in every home

Since 1 August 1997, Victorian law states that smoke alarms (complying with Australian Standards AS3786) must be installed in all homes, units, flats and townhouses. It is the responsibility of all owners and landlords to install working smoke alarms.

Homes constructed before 1 August 1997 need only standalone, battery powered smoke alarms. Homes constructed after 1 August 1997 must have smoke alarms connected to 240 volt mains power. These smoke alarms must also have a backup battery installed in the smoke alarm in case there is a loss of power.

Smoke alarms for the deaf and hard of hearing

A specialised smoke alarm is available for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Due to the cost of this type of smoke alarm, the Department of Human Services may be able to provide financial assistance via a subsidy. For more information go to the Vicdeaf Smoke Alarm Subsidy webpage.

Smoke Alarm – Read More

Smoke alarms are compulsory and must be installed in every residential building, on or near the ceiling of every storey.

Residential buildings include the following building classes as broadly defined in the National Construction Code (NCC):

  • Class 1a: detached houses, row houses, town houses, terrace houses or villa units
  • Class 1b: some boarding houses, guest houses or hostels
  • Class 2: buildings containing sole-occupancy units (e.g. apartments, blocks of flats)
  • Class 3: backpacker accommodation, residential parts of hotels or motels, residential parts of schools, accommodation for the aged, disabled or children
  • Class 4: dwellings in non-residential buildings (e.g. houses attached to shops)
Smoke alarm locations

Smoke alarms need to be positioned to wake sleeping occupants. They must be located between each bedroom area (within 1.0 meters of bedroom door as well as where required in the rest of the house.

CFA recommends that smoke alarms be installed in every bedroom and living area.

They should be installed on the ceiling at least 30cm from the wall, or where installed on the wall at least 30cm from the ceiling to avoid dead air space.

Smoke alarms must meet the Australian Standard AS 3786 and complying models can be found at most electrical appliance or hardware stores.

Smoke alarm installation

Homes constructed after 1st August 1997 must have smoke alarms connected to 240V mains power and have a backup battery. Homes constructed before 1st August 1997 may have smoke alarms powered by a battery.

CFA recommends the use of smoke alarms powered by a long-life lithium battery.

Smoke alarms should also be interconnected, so that when any alarm activates, all smoke alarms will sound.

Interconnected smoke alarms can be:

  • hard-wired (which should be installed by an electrician), or
  • wireless interconnected smoke alarms powered by a ten-year lithium battery (which can be easily installed without requiring an electrician)

Only working smoke alarms save lives

If you are renting a house or unit, it is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure smoke alarms are installed and kept in working condition.

Regardless of whether you are renting or living in a home that you own, you should:

  • check the smoke alarm is working every month by pressing the test button until the alarm sounds
  • replace smoke alarm battery on an annual basis (or if the battery is lithium, every ten years)
  • replace the smoke alarm in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications – generally after ten years. New units have an expiry date located under the battery
  • replace the battery if your smoke alarm emits a warning sound (a high-pitched single beep every 30 seconds)
  • clean your alarm regularly with a vacuum cleaner to remove particles that will affect smoke alarm performance
  • familiarise yourself with the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines.

A fine can be imposed on an owner who fails to comply with the smoke alarm requirements of the Building Regulations 2018.

More information

CFA – smoke alarms
CFA – Information and replacement of smoke alarms

Solar Systems Preventative Electrical Maintenance

When the Alchimie Electrical team install your new solar system, you get a free twelve-month service included as standard. This is a practical precaution to ensure your solar system continues to operate safely and efficiently.

Harvesting the natural power of the sun could be one of the simplest ways to lower your energy costs whilst also doing your bit to reduce the carbon footprint of your home or business. However, with a reliance on outdoor components that are exposed to the elements day in and day out, it is imperative that you seek regular electrical maintenance. Melbourne residential and commercial customers can count on the Master Electricians and Smart Energy Council certified Master Installer electricians at Alchimie Electrical to perform the solar system maintenance that will keep their system operating at its very best.

We perform anti-islanding testing for your legacy inverter, and check field wiring including local and roof mounted isolators and wiring systems to ensure your system operates safely for the life of the system.

Thermal Imaging Electrical Maintenance

Business owners may be required to have a thermal switchboard survey performed in order to present the results as part of their fire risk assessment for insurance purposes. However, thermal survey reports are not always carried out as a requirement; they can be an effective way of scheduling preventative electrical maintenance. Melbourne business owners may choose to have the Alchimie Electrical team to perform non-contact infrared thermal imaging and to supply a report with recommendations for either preventative maintenance schedules or repairs.