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Welcome to ALCHIMIE Electrical Pty. Ltd.

Winning people delivering superior culture, performance and safety for a smarter and more sustainable energy future.

If you are looking for first-class service, you have come to the right place! We aim to be friendly and approachable. We are in your area and have what you need. We are here to serve you and answer any questions you may have.

We’re Professional Electricians and Technicians

Well get the job done, on time. We won't let you down.

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Our Solutions

ALCHIMIE Electrical offers a broad range of innovative electrical solutions

We provide fit for purpose designed market services and product solutions specific to the unique and individual requirements of each application and customer brief.

Our Markets

ALCHIMIE Electrical's Master Electricians are qualified to deliver

Our certified Master Electricians have been trained to provide complete energy-efficient electrical solutions for the following markets:

  • Residential Residential
  • Commercial Commercial
  • Industrial Industrial

Electrical Installations & Maintenance


Power Distribution


Plant & Machinery


Packaging Industries


Facilities Management


Retail Energy


Plant & Machinery


Packaging Industries

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Accreditations & Certifications
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Why Alchimie Electrical?

We’re Professional Electricians and Technicians

ALCHIMIE Electrical Pty. Ltd is an established Registered Electrical Contractor that are Peak Electrical Industry Body Members of “Master Electricians & EcoXpert Electrical Contractors and Technicians” Passionate about supporting the market providing Integrated Energy Efficiency & Optimisation by Design.

We customise Solutions specifically to the unique and individual requirements of each application and customer brief

More Details

Electrical Services Melbourne

Here at Alchimie Electrical, we’re an established and experienced team of professional Electricians & Service Technicians, Master Electricians Accredited and Members of the Electrical Industries Peak Industry Body-NECA “National Electrical and Communications Association providing customised Electrical Services that provide you with a wide range of innovative Electrical Services solutions, Clean & Green Energy Sustainable and Energy Efficient as well as the most fit for purpose Energy Efficiency & Optimisation by Design integrated solution delivering you Competitive and Value for Money, Safe Solutions delivery with the highest Quality and Pride with reduced energy Bills, and the greatest return on your investment.

Our winning people are delivering friendly and professional electrical services to the market for Bayside, South, South Eastern Suburbs and Greater Melbourne Metropolitan area offering a wide range of professional electrical services with the superior culture, performance and safety for a smarter and more sustainable energy future you’d expect from a professional and Registered Electrical Contracting company with Experience, Competent and Accredited and well trained people that care able the result and your customer experience associated with your work, large or small projects.

If you are looking for first-class service and top-rate electrical services Melbourne, then you have come to the right place! We aim to be friendly and approachable. We are in your area and have what you need. We are here to serve you and answer any questions you may have.

Need a 24 hour Emergency Electrician? Call Alchimie Electrical Today on 1300 735 822 !

If you’re searching for 24 hour Emergency Electricians for electrical services in Melbourne or the Bayside and South Eastern Suburbs area, then call the Trusted and Reliable team of Master Electricians at Alchimie Electrical on 1300 735 822 now !

Because emergencies can happen at any time, you can call on the Alchimie Electrical services team twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for a fast 60 minutes response time landed from our experienced Emergency Electricians 24/7.  

Alchimie Electrical are committed to fixing your electrical emergency on the spot where practical and years of frontline emergency experience has ensured we’re stocked with the right materials and knowhow to address any situation 24/7

If we can’t fix your electrical issue on the spot, we’ll carry out temporary repairs to secure your property and electrical installation, Make Safe and provide an obligation-free quote to complete the work.

Electrical Installations Performed by Our Trustworthy and Reliable Team

When you engage the team of experienced, well trained and supported Electricians Master Electricians Certified at Alchimie Electrical, you have the security and the peace of mind that we will get it right the first time around.

We’re passionate to deliver work with the highest level of pride and quality possible with professional care and friendliness, and with a smile in in accordance with our code of conduct.

We always strive to offer the best value for money and engineered Solutions associated with Electrical installations for Residential, Commercial or Industrial Electrical Installations that are Energy Efficient & Optimised by Design, no matter how large or small the work and we ensure that it is all fit for purpose, safe, looks good and is compliant, and we have the experience and knowhow.

The Alchimie Electrical Installations team, our systems and processes are designed and established to ensure we can  offer a 7-year workmanship guarantee, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Alchimie Electrical Designs, Performs Electrical Installations & Maintenances Services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications that include:

  • Switchboard Up-grades-Single (1) Phase & Three (3) Phase Installations,
  • Mains up-grades for Single (1) Phase and Three (3) Phase Installations,
  • Surge Arrestors Integration
  • Energy Renewables Design, Installation and Maintenance including:
  • Design and Installation Grid Connected Solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) Generation Systems and Energy Storage Solutions including Tesla PowerWall2 Batteries and PowerWall2 Gateway with Off-Grid Support
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • New Main Earth and Main Earth Electrodes with Equipotential Bonding Systems Installations,
  • New Electrical Sub-circuits and Protection
  • Refrigerated Heating & Cooling HVAC Installations
  • New Homes
  • New offices,
  • New Factories and Alterations, Power Distribution, Machines, Conveyors, Drives Automation and Visibility,
  • Plant Safety & Machine Guard Monitoring
  • Air-Movement Exhaust/Air-Exchange (Evacuation) Fan Systems Installations
  • Ceiling Fan Installations all types
  • New Position Protected Power Points
  • LED Lighting Installations and Up-grades
  • Emergency & Exit Lighting Installations and Maintenance,
  • Hardwired, Interconnected and Battery Backed Smoke Detector Installations including those for the hearing impaired,
  • Smart Home Automation Retrofits including All types of IoT
  • Smart Temperature Control Thermostats Installations (HVAC)
  • Energy Monitoring Installations
  • Smart DRED (Demand Response Enabled Devices) Installations and Devices
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Video Intercoms
  • Security Camera Systems
  • Access Control
  • DataComms

Electrical Services for Melbourne from Alchimie Electrical

For ALL Types of Electrical installations, Electrical Services in Melbourne, Bayside, South and South Eastern Suburbs including maintenance, repair work and other electrical services in Melbourne from a switched-on team of licenced electricians, call Alchimie Electrical on 1300 735 822 today.

We provide innovative service solutions, including solar and hybrid energy systems for the home, and predictive maintenance services for business enterprises as well as Refrigerated Heating & Cooling Solutions

  • Reactive 24/7 Emergency Electricians
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance with Non-Contact Infra-Red Thermal Imaging Services and Report
  • Maintenance of Grid Connected Solar PV Generation Systems and Energy Storage Systems,
  • Lighting Installation Maintenance
  • Emergency & Exit Lighting Maintenance & Up-grades,
  • Temporary Energy Monitoring, and
  • Power Quality Analyses
  • Energy Safe Home & Facility Safety Inspection Reports
  • New and Protected Lighting Installations
  • New & Protected Augmented Power Points/Socket Outlets
  • USB Power Points/Socket Outlets
  • Pre-Installation Site Audits for Proposed Energy Monitoring Installations

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We will get the job done on time. We won’t let you down.

We ensure accountability and transparency with 360 degree feedback with our customers, partners and teams to ensure the continuous improvement process in which our people are engaged.

The Alchimie Electrical Installations team, our systems and processes are designed and established to ensure we can offer a 7-year workmanship guarantee, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Mission is to enhance your image with the results and performance of our work, so you can tell your friends and colleagues, as well as Enhance Our image and reputation with our conduct during every experience and interaction, Even where things don’t go to plan. No fear, We’ll get the job done and We won’t let you down.

Our progressive high performing culture, systems and Quality people with 360 degree feedback, Adherence to Industry Codes of Conduct, Values of Integrity, Collaboration, Transparency, Excellence, our accountability with Detailed Customer & Site reports and documentation

Certificates of Electrical Safety guarantee conformance and safety, and our culture, our systems and our processes all reinforce this providing you with certainty and peace of mind that your Residential, Commercial or Industrial Electrical Installation is Compliant, Safe, Engineered Fit for Purpose no matter what size the work.

At Alchimie Electrical our philosophy is to” Focus on the Quality Outcomes of the Project for All Stakeholders, and the Profitability will take Care of itself”

We employ winning people delivering superior culture, performance and safety for a smarter and more energy Sustainable future.

At Alchimie Electrical “We’re Professional Electricians and Technicians”

We know you can’t afford failures, and neither can we. Alchimie Electrical on use the Highest Quality, Well Tried & Proven and Certified Products and Solution Partners.

Alchimie Electrical are Signatories to the Does it Comply” Initiative for All Electrical Product Compliance to the applicable Australian Standards and (EESS) Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme.

This means we on use Accredited Equipment & devices certified as  Compliant for the Use and Connection to the Electrical Systems in Australia, and design and manufacture in accordance with the requirements of the applicable standards.

This helps protect consumers, the industry with the safety and integrity for all. 


We don’t substitute counterfeit products for the safety & performance of people and plant in keeping electricity safe.

We look for this mark on equipment and devices and source from reputable suppliers.

Refer the following website for information regarding the requirements & responsibilities for connection to supply for equipment intended to be used in Australia and applies to Importers, distributors, Plant Owners, Electricians.