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EVlink Smart Wallbox

The team at ALCHIMIE Electrical can advise on placement and other considerations to help you make the most of your new electric vehicle charging station, as well as providing any ongoing servicing and maintenance that the system may require throughout the years.

The Wallbox Plus is fitted with a residual direct current detecting device (RDC-DD) and the ALCHIMIE Electrical team can provide comprehensive RCD testing as and when this may be required. 


Fast Facts About the EVlink Smart Wallbox

Schneider’s EVlink Smart Wallbox comes with Type 2 sockets, making it compatible with all electric vehicles currently on the Australian market. With a 22kW charging speed, it is ideal for office or commercial applications, as well as home use.

The EVlink Smart Wallbox is also rated for indoor or outdoor use, with an operating temperature range of -30C to +50C.

Installing an EVlink Smart Wallbox for Your Home

Charging your electric vehicle at home means you always know what you’re paying for a full charge, and it will also give you the confidence that you can complete the daily commute with ease. If you have a solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed at your home, then you may even be able to charge your car for free, with the added benefit of knowing that you are not relying on fossil fuels in any way.

By installing an EVlink Smart Wallbox in your home, you will rarely (if you have a plug-in hybrid EV) or never (if you drive a purely electric vehicle) have to worry about being at the mercy of fluctuating petrol pump prices again.

Installing an EVlink Smart Wallbox for Your Business

There are many reasons to install an EVlink Smart Wallbox at your business premises. It could be as a valuable addition to the private carpark attached to your business premises – a way to encourage employees to consider electric vehicles, or to consider your company as an organisation that takes its responsibility to greater sustainability seriously.

You may decide that an EV charging station could provide substantial economic benefit in the long term. Even with more and more Australians expressing an interest in hybrid or purely electric vehicles, one of the main deterrents is the anxiety that an EV won’t have the range of a traditional petrol fuelled car. By installing a charging station at your caravan park, hotel, restaurant, or shopping complex, you can set yourself apart as a destination for EV drivers.