Commercial Services

Commercial buildings, whether they be offices or factories, require electricians that are trained to cover a myriad of different areas, from lighting to heating and cooling, to the many kinds of motors that help keep the installation functioning efficiently.

ALCHIMIE Electrical’s EcoSmart Electricians are qualified to deliver. We can assist you with your everyday electrical needs along with ensuring your business is as energy-efficient as possible.

Just some of the key areas we cover are:

  • Energy management systems,
  • Solar PV Generation systems,
  • Lighting,
  • Control systems,
  • HVAC maintenance,
  • Motors and fans,
  • Condition Monitoring Predictive Maintenance, Non-Contact Thermal Imaging,
  • Power Quality Analyses,
  • Preventative Maintenance,
  • Power factor correction,
  • Installations,
  • Fault finding & Emergency Service,

What ALCHIMIE Electrical can do for your commercial facility ?

  • We can reduce your energy consumption,
  • Recommend and Install the best fit for purpose energy efficient technology for your application and circumstances,
  • Help you business contribute to your energy efficiency goals & objectives,