Electrical Maintenance Melbourne

Regular maintenance is essential for a range of electrical systems, whether residential or commercial. Faults can lead to hazardous conditions or simple inefficiency. Either way, you are better off knowing before rather than after something goes wrong, and the best way to achieve this aim is by scheduling regular electrical maintenance. Melbourne locals can call the Alchimie Electrical team at any time to find out more about our maintenance services in a range of areas. 

Solar Systems Preventative Electrical Maintenance

When the Alchimie Electrical team install your new solar system, you get a free twelve-month service included as standard. This is a practical precaution to ensure your solar system continues to operate safely and efficiently.

Harvesting the natural power of the sun could be one of the simplest ways to lower your energy costs whilst also doing your bit to reduce the carbon footprint of your home or business. However, with a reliance on outdoor components that are exposed to the elements day in and day out, it is imperative that you seek regular electrical maintenance. Melbourne residential and commercial customers can count on the Master Electricians and Smart Energy Council certified Master Installer electricians at Alchimie Electrical to perform the solar system maintenance that will keep their system operating at its very best.

We perform anti-islanding testing for your legacy inverter, and check field wiring including local and roof mounted isolators and wiring systems to ensure your system operates safely for the life of the system.

Thermal Imaging Electrical Maintenance

Business owners may be required to have a thermal switchboard survey performed in order to present the results as part of their fire risk assessment for insurance purposes. However, thermal survey reports are not always carried out as a requirement; they can be an effective way of scheduling preventative electrical maintenance. Melbourne business owners may choose to have the Alchimie Electrical team to perform non-contact infrared thermal imaging and to supply a report with recommendations for either preventative maintenance schedules or repairs.

Reactive, Preventative, or Predictive Electrical Maintenance

At Alchimie Electrical, we understand the need to be ready to support all requirements associated with electrical maintenance for our Melbourne and Bayside region customers. Whether it be for upgrades to support ageing installations and plant, reactive maintenance to address those unexpected breakdowns and outages, or testing of those installations that require ongoing preventative maintenance in a scheduled way, to ensure reliability and performance, and a predictive maintenance service for the self-insured and other specified requirements.