LED Tubes

ALCHIMIE Electrical Pty. Ltd. offers solutions for the replacement of traditional T8 type 18 Watt & 36 Watt Fluorescent Tubes with retro-fitment of LED Tubes solutions with drivers that provides the following benefits compared to traditional Fluorescent Tubes:

  • Halves the energy consumption of an existing installation,
  • Reduces other electrical losses associated with iron core ballasts,
  • Improved Power factor performance of the entire electrical installation with the replacement of traditional ballasts potentially making available more power,
  • Increased life of the luminaires and reduced maintenance costs with the correct installation and investment in approved equipment installed in accordance with the manufactures recommendations,

Image the benefits applied to a multi story commercial building with the potential improvement of energy NABARS Energy Rating, ask well as improved power factor compounding with every floor realising the full potential of you electrical installation, saving you money, reducing down time and reducing your energy costs and carbon emissions.

Ask ALCHIMIE Electrical how we can help your facility realise it’s full energy potential.