Commercial Lighting

What ALCHIMIE Electrical Pty. Ltd. as accredited EcoSmart Electricians can do for your commercial facility ?

Commercial buildings, whether they be offices, shops or factories, all have differing requirements when it comes to lighting.

The Building Codes of Australia have introduced energy efficiency requirements that everyone has to comply with. In addition there are the issues of OH&S that need to be considered and that’s without even thinking of energy efficiency and sustainable options.

There are a myriad of new products and technologies available and that is changing on a weekly basis. But which is right for you? To achieve an optimum outcome you require an electrician that is trained with today’s technologies.

As accredited EcoSmart Electricians we’re qualified to deliver for you. We can assist with your everyday electrical needs along with ensuring your business is as energy efficient as possible.

Just some of the key areas we cover are:

  • Lighting Technologies, ensuring the right product for the job,
  • Power factor correction,
  • Lighting management and control systems,