Switchboard and Mains Upgrades

Need an up-graded switchboard ? or you’re not sure ?Residentail_Switchboard

  • Does your switchboard have ceramic fuses ?
  • Does your switchboard have Safety Switches to protect your wiring, house, you and your family ?
  • Is your wiring old ?
  • Is you switchboard fully loaded  ?
  • Do you need a new air-conditioner ?
  • Do you need your garage wired with a sub-board?

Whether you need to up-grade for safety reasons, you’ve had a new smart meter installed and need an up-grade, a pending Solar Panel Installation or additional capacity requirements. Get ride of that old, unsafe and unsightly switchboard and replace with a new one that’ll protect your electrical installation, your home as well as you and your family.

ALCHIMIE Electrical can help you with an up-graded Installation that’ll be safe, compliant and tested. A Certificate of Electrical Safety is issued and your Electrical Installation.

You’ll experience the benefits of Increased capacity for expansion of existing Main Switchboard (future) with spare modules for future expansion of circuits for electrical installation where required,

  • Improved appearance, safety & functionality with additional benefits including:
  • Improved efficiency of switchboard/meter panel layout providing additional space because existing previous power expansion will be incorporated in new switchboard design configuration and increasing the available space inside panel,
  • RCD Protection of Electrical Installation. Power socket outlets and lighting circuits protected by RCD protection devices increases the safety of the electrical installation for you and your family,
  • Inspected & Tested Electrical Installation in accordance with AS/NZS 3017:2007 Electrical Installations – Verification Guidelines,
  • Certificate of Electrical Safety – Prescribed Electrical Work provides increased peace of mind, security & safety assurance for compliant Electrical Installation,

Where additional Electrical capacity is need ALCHIMIE Electrical will perform a Maximum Demand Calculation and check against you new requirements and provide appropriate recommendations as required.