Real Time Energy Monitoring your Electrical Installation

Energy_Usage_ReportALCHIMIE Electrical can empower you with real time visibility, data & reporting of your energy usage with information that will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your energy usage at the same provide you with opportunities to implement strategies to reduce your consumption, carbon footprint at the same time be a good global citizen.

By fitting powerful yet cost effective Energy CT’s (Current Transformers) with Voltage references polling to a Cloud Based Reporting System you can have visibility of your electrical installation in real time, anytime and anywhere. Turn on an appliance and see in real time (less a few seconds depending on your internet speed) the impact of that energy load on your energy consumption.

Where you have solar installed you can even see the energy harvested verses the energy consumption and make comparisons to what you draw from the grid. A dash board presents well configured information that is easy to understand at a glance and reports are available for comparisons for different periods.

Do you have a holiday rental ? Well you can use this to charge your tenants for expensive energy consumption associated with the use of expensive Air-Conditioning or heating. You can even tell when you have occupants there.